Which sort of famous would bop another famous like this dot-dot-dot question mark

Sean Bean. Hello.

It’s Sean Bean, ladies ‘n’ gennelmen!
*ay up lass; ecky bloody thump; pie ‘n’ gravy; Sheffied United; The Human League; me Mam*
Oh yeah… THIS PERSON…!

Nice bonnet. 

It’s Sienna Miller, ladies ‘n’ gennelmen!

These two famouses are about to start filming a moving picture together – A Woman of No Importance; you know, Oscar Wilde’s thingy – in London’s glittering London and have done the non-totally-cliched thing of falling for each other off t’set. Even though they’re not officially on set yet. Always good to get in early…

‘She’s completely mesmerized by Sean already,’ says someone who knows about these things. ‘She’s told friends that she can’t help feeling transfixed by his green eyes and loves the fact that he’s a real macho man.’



Oh there’s more.

‘He’s almost twice Sienna’s age but she doesn’t care,’ ‘Source’ told the Daily Fascist Mail.

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4 comments to “Which sort of famous would bop another famous like this dot-dot-dot question mark”

  1. Oh yeah, I’d do Sean Bean. Totally get it. And he just gets hotter with age.

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  2. I totally get it too. That ain’t the best picture of him though. So Sienna’s now had Jude, Daniel Craig and now Sean Bean? Lucky bitch.

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  3. I KNOW!!! Could you imagine a foursome with those gentlemen! Grrrr. Actually, wouldn’t mind Sienna getting involved. She’d be fun to have in a gang-bang. I’d let her share my poppers and everything.

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  4. […] So despite them there rumours that Sienna off-of movies has been bopping Sean Bean off-of Northern, news reaches these dandy shores that one of our favourite actresses-’cause-she-seems-like-a-laugh is having front-bottom business with Matthew Rhys. Her co-star in upcoming Dylan Thomas biopic, The Edge of Love (and that gayer in Brothers and Sisters). This is what they both look like: […]

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