Pete Doherty to appear on the Weakest Link!

You are the weakest tramp, fuck off!

We kiddeth you not.

So-like-anyway, Peter Doherty of skank fame is ‘parently poised to appear on t’Weakest Link in a bizarre attempt to win back Kate of Moss.

‘People might not realise it, but I am well-educated and well-read,’ quoth the Doh. ‘I can prove to people there is more to me that just drugs.’

And in a related matter, someone who knows someone who knows someone else who once brushed past someone inappropriately told the Express, ‘Kate has this romantic notion of love and finds intelligence a huge turn-on. Pete thinks going on the show will prove to her that he does have the depth and IQ that she loves so much.’

‘Cause The Weakest Link is, like, the vanguard of intellectual quiz shows. Why doesn’t he push the boat out and try for You Say We Pay on the Richard and Judy Show…!

These people told us ’bout this. Thankings.

Ooh, and whilst we’re on the subject, let’s now look at a picture of Matthew McConaughey, scantily clad. ‘Cause it’s such a rare thing.

Put some clothes on, will you! Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd.



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  1. Can you imagine? ‘Which class A drug beginning with ‘c’ was supermodel Kate Moss caught snorting on camera?’ ‘Crack! Oh, no, it was coke. Bank!’

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