What would Jesus look like if he was a gay?

So, I said...

That’s the question being asked by an exhibition called Ecce Homo (loose translation, ‘Here he is’ Catherine Tate nan-stylee) in Jonkoping in Sweden. And this is one of the answers. The other ideas are over the jump (one of them’s a bit rude, so careful how you go).

Oh and there’s drama when a bunch of Christians try to burn the exhibition down. Yikes!

So, they put this exhibition on at a Cathedral (don’t you just love Sweden) and some touchy Christians decide they’re not loving it a whole lot so, I know!, let’s burn it down.

Fire-starting not really being one of their strong points, the planned arson fails but still a fight involving 30 persons broke out. Can’t these religious folk play nicely?

Oh, and the Pope apparently cancelled a meeting with the Archbishop who gave the OK to the exhibition. And let’s leave it right there for you to decide what that says.

Hello Gay Jesus With disciples like these...
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3 comments to “What would Jesus look like if he was a gay?”

  1. I know, let’s try burning down the Vatican! Now that’s something I’d pay to see.

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  2. I’m not Christian, but I get what they mean about being offended. It just makes him look like a comedy character.

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  3. Wasn’t he?

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