Eddie Murphy to sue Mel B!

Hush, puppy.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slash fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!

So Edina Murphy is threatening legal action against Fuckin’ Scary Spiceness Mel B, accusing her of extortion and defamation.

His lawyers have issued a cease and desist against Mel, demanding she stops using his name in press interviews.

Who else’s name is she going to use? Diana Ross’s?

In a letter to the Spicicle, Mr Ed accuses her of ‘disseminationg disparaging, negative and defamatory statements’ and making highly ‘unreasonable extortionate demands’ regarding the Angel Iris thing. That would be the spawn.

‘Cause ‘parently, Mel B’s asked for a 4.5 billion pound home in Malibu and EVERYTHING.

Oh sorry, typo. £4.5 million.

But is it a matter for the police?

S’true. These people told us.

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3 comments to “Eddie Murphy to sue Mel B!”

  1. ‘disparaging remarks’? tell you what, Edina, don’t be a cunt in the first place then Mel B wouldn’t have anything to go off….

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  2. And it wasn’t defamatory to insist that it wasn’t his child making her out to be a bit of an old slapper then? This man is VILE!

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  3. I feel sorry for the child. Offspring of Evil Murphy and Mentalist Mel B. If I were the babe I would sue both of ’em, take the money and set the scientologists upon them.. True.

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