Madonna tells Posh to F**k off! Hooray!

Nice tits, luv.

OGL had a little bit of a doo-daa with the Posh one t’other day/week/sometime recently, when the latter tried to buy the former’s house in London’s glittering Los Angeles.

What-it-was-right, M put her gaff on t’market for quite a lot of money, VD VB put in an offer ’cause, you know, it’d be really cool living in Madonna’s old place and people might like her more ’cause let’s face it, everyone’s that shallow – so put in an offer she verily does.

Madonna gets the fear – as one would – and decides that no, she doesn’t want those feral types living in her old house so takes the wise decision to up the asking price – by $10 million. Sneeeeaky!

What does VicsRub do? She only goes and matches the friggin’ price, innit.

‘Oooh, bugger’ thinks Madgery. ‘What to do now? I know, let’s tell her that I’ve changed me mind and am not selling the house, ’cause there’s an apartment in the grounds which is perfect for when my ailing poppa comes to stay. That’ll do it.’

What does desperado Victoria do? Retorts with ‘Sell me the house and he can come to visit as often as he wants!’

Madonna’s response? ‘Fuck off!’

*rapturous round of applause; followed by the popping of champagne corks; followed by sickness and diarrhoea owing to showing off*

These people told us this fun story. Thankings.

Good evening.



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  1. Good ole Madonna!! Can always count on her for putting trouts in their place.

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