Myleene Klass off-of telly has had a baby, everyone. Hurrah!

Honey, yellow is SO your colour!

Myleene of pointless fame has given birth. To a child.

Let’s put it another way. Myleene Klass, the one who ruined those cheeeeeenius Marks ‘n’ Spencers ads with her pointlessness slash the fact she ain’t no Twiggy/Erin/Lizzi/That-French-bird-whose-name-we-don’t-know-but-we-quite-like/Oh-okay,-so-the-blonde-one’s-kinda-insipid-too, has popped a sprog.

*lets off party popper; blows a dolly whistle*

The real-life baby in question is a female girl, it was three weeks early, and to give Myleene her dues, she was working on The One Show right up until she popped. And she is good on the old ivories.

Ooh, there’s a quote and everything:

‘The birth went very smoothly and all is well.’

Now let’s look at an artist’s impression of said baby:

Er, where's my bottle?
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More dolly #content:

2 comments to “Myleene Klass off-of telly has had a baby, everyone. Hurrah!”

  1. I completely agree about her ruining the M&S ads. That’s all I have to say on this matter.

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  2. she used to be fat. She wasn’t. She was again. Then she wasn’t. BORED. Myleene, getting pregnant is not 9 months not for media specklation.Now you have a baby and stretch marks, and all for what? A few M&S Vouchers.Sad.

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