Fag Hag Diary


And FH has a very nice encounter with that nice Dale Winton

La Fagster. 

This weekend the Fag Hag popped into a pal’s birthday party. As I was clattering up to the front gate clutching a hastily wrapped copy of Gore Vidal’s memoirs and some pastel macaroons, a gleaming sports car pulled up and a honey toned voice said, ‘Darling, do you think anyone will mind me sticking it right here?’

It was none other than Dale off-of Winton a fellow guest and one of the nicest  men in showbusiness. As I got Dale a pink champagnee and we had a good old natter about life, loves and she devils, I decided what my two most favourite things about Dale are.

One, is that he is the only person in 2007 in the developed world who still smokes Peter Stuyvesant and two, I just love the way that when he refers to Supermarket Sweep, he talks about ‘Sweep’ – and it’s just like a Vietnam vet talking about ‘Nam…

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  1. The thing I can’t stand about Dale Winton is that wherever he goes he TALKS REALLY LOUDLY in a sort of ‘LOOK AT ME, IT’S DALE WINTON’ kind of way. He needs to get over himself. He’s only Dale fucking Winton after all …

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