Madonna to leave record company?


T’seems OGL is poised – literally, poised – to leave her record company, Warner Music.

M is ‘parently in talks to move to Live Nation, the venues and promotions company.The deal’s said to involved combining her future recording and touring. And rumour hath it that it’s valued at £50 million.

*empties piggy bank*

S’all for now. More when we hear it, etc.  

These people told us this. Thankings.

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6 comments to “Madonna to leave record company?”

  1. This indeed is good news.

    My top ten reasons why Warner Brothers are wankers list:

    1 – they never bothered releasing Reinvention Tour (and could have done over a year ago when the rights where theres)

    2 – they never bothered releasing Blond Ambition Tour (and could have years ago)

    3 – they never released Nothing Fails as a single and Madge wanted them to

    4 – they never released Impressive Instant as a single and Madge wanted them to

    5 – they never released her greatest ever ballad Time Stood Still as a single and Madge wanted them to

    6 – its her 25th Anniversary this year, shes sold more records than Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue combined now and what do we get to “celebrate” – sweet sod all

    7 – Virgin Tour. Never released on DVD.

    8 – Madonna. The greatest pop music video maker in the history of the planet. You’d think id be able to buy a complete collection of her videos? Nope. Christina Aguilera has more DVDs in HMV than OGL.

    9 – Jump. Her best single since Ray of Light. And they “forget” to promote it. Wankers.

    10 – Releasing Oh Father in 1995. Just fucking stupid.

    Therefore Livenation taking over means good things. Lets face it, with the idiots at Warners in charge it cant get much worse.

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  2. Blond Ambition was released as an exclusive on the old laser disc format, in hope that it would encourage people to buy laser discs. Of course, this never took off, but I guess the exclusivity deal probably still stands.

    I think Mariah may well have sold more records than Madonna, to be fair.

    Jump wasn’t promoted. But where was Madonna to do the interviews? Oh … she was busy. You can’t promote it if the artist ain’t interested in doing so.

    Oh Father was released at the time of the LAP album. Just not in your country, it seems.

    I love Madonna, but the artist isn’t always right.

    Live Nation are a bit scary, too. They’re buying EVERYTHING … loads of venues, and trying to sign every artist under the sun.

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  3. Madonna has sold 260million albums and a tad over 200million singles.
    Mariah has sold 190 million albums and 60million singles.
    Madonna is officially the biggest seling female ever, it was confirmed last year by the International Phonographic Association. Nana Mouskori is second, Mariah is third.

    Your confusion is well justified Consuela though as for two or three years, Mariah and her people “claimed” that she was the biggest selling female artist of all time.

    Sadly for Mariah they had to stop referring to her as this after many complaints to advertising standards authorities. She was fined a hefty amount in the UK and US and had to stop referring to herself as the biggest selling female when she isnt.

    Still, third is good!

    Oh father came out in the UK in 1995.
    THe Blond Ambition exclusitivity deal with pioneer expired years ago.

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  4. Aah, okay RKO … I’m surprised about Nana … would have thought Celine Dion would be top 3 … I know Oh Father came out in a few European countries and was an airplayed album cut in the US much earlier … hence the video filmed in the Blonde Ambition era … I have the Spanish 7 inch from that time and the Japanese 3 inch CD.

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  5. Funnily enough dear Babs Streisand also claimed to be “biggest selling female artiste ever” this year for her shows, however ticketmaster had to hastily withdraw this claim after complaints!

    Celine is top 5 I believe, Alla someone or other is 4th.. however it all depends whether you include singles sales or not With the 3rd, 4th and 5th placings!

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  6. I bow down to your knowledge filled head RKO :-)

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