Skylon’s the limit (bet they’ve heard that one before)

Just leave the bottle

We won’t hear a single word against the Royal Festival Hall. Not one (except if it’s about all those nasty bloody chain things they’ve put underneath it – Giraffe! – then we’ll hear it).

And one of the best things about this newly refurbed jewel in the crown of modernism is the fully upgraded restaurant experience. It’s called Skylon and it’s so much hotter than that OK-ish People’s Palace thing they used to have.

Looking out o’er the Thames, that old river poet that never ever ends (answers on a postcard as to where that comes from), Skylon is the last word in retro-modern, with 50-style furniture, kooky little lamps (too big to steal, unfortch) and huuuuge windows giving you one of the best restaurant views we can think of (Oxo Tower is also fantabulous, mind).

Choose between the restaurant – with its menu of European fare with a very British spin, brought to you via seasonal ingredients – or the grill, which does a nice line in steak sandwiches and sticky toffee puddings (please avoid the evil foie gras).

Two courses come to a not-too-unreasonable £32.50, with three coming in at £37.50. Nice for a treat.

Skylon on t’interdolly.

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