And for Madonna’s next trick…

Er, hello!

… her brother will become a celebrity chef!


So Christopher off-of Ciccone is set to become a ‘sleb cook-or-something-similar after ‘parently impressing the makers of Top Chef: Miami in the extreme.

OGL’s lil’ brother made a cameo appearance to critique contestants’ dishes, and made quite the impresh.

Bravo executive Andy Cohen quoth the following:

‘All will be revealed soon.’

*shakes uncontrollably owing to the excitement; lets out a bit of wet wee; spoils a perfectly acceptable M&S brief; invests in some Tena Ladies*


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2 comments to “And for Madonna’s next trick…”

  1. Shame he isnt on a TV show featuring Gordon Ramsay though. Madge and Gord could have a swear-off.

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  2. Oh what a fabulous idea. And whilst he’s on there, he could kick that wanker Gordon Ramsay in the head until death occurs.

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