Can we talk? On second thoughts…


So Davida Beckham’s at it again, opening his mouth, letting audible things actually come out of his mouth, in public.

*sticks fingers in ears; goes ‘la la laaaa, la la la laaaaaa, LAAAAAAA’ until the pain stops; the pain doesn’t stop; slices off head* 

Here he is trying to temp real life people to his academy whatsit in London’s glittering London, for to kick a ball whilst he rakes in gazillions of earth pounds via a lovely Motorola what-is-known-in-the-business-as promotional deal.

Hush, puppy.

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2 comments to “Can we talk? On second thoughts…”

  1. God, he’s such a money grabbing whore.

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  2. Oooh, I can’t decide which part I love more. The bit where the voiceover guy goes, ‘London, Eng-er-land’ and ‘David Beck-ham’ or the part where Becks pokes his head out from behind the ball. (Hmmm….I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

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