Orlando Bloom modelling-modelling-modelling hair produce



This is Orlando Bloom off-of no lips modelling for the Shiseido‘s UNO hair-care line.


More specifically, it’s for their Fiber Neo hair product, currently available in Japan-land only. As far as we can work out, anyroad.

It’s a very exciting thing.

*grabs hair at front of head and twists in a dolly fashion until a spike is formed; does mirror face; leaves house semi-satisfied*

This gennelman told us this. Thankings.

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More dolly #content:

2 comments to “Orlando Bloom modelling-modelling-modelling hair produce”

  1. Don’t get the attraction at all. Wispy looking boy.

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  2. Shiseido make very nice things. In that they look nice, though I can’t say I’ve ever used any of their produce.

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