Moss back with Doherty?

Tell us it isn't so! So these two characters are ‘parently back together, in a clandestine fashion, mind. Sssh.

But is it a matter for the police?

According to people who know about these things*, Kate of Moss has been holed up with The Skank in a suite at London’s glittering Claridge’s Hotel. Here’s the supporting quote: ‘During her holiday in Spain, Pete was calling her on the mobile incessantly. He could not get through and the line kept going dead.’ *looks around nervously, as it it t’were in an Agatha Christie novel*

 ‘She eventually called him one evening and since that conversation, they have been continually on the phone. Kate has been like a moth to the flame. When she got back into Britain, they met up at the hotel. He cried and she cried.’

She is a worry.

*Daily Fascist Retard Mail.

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  1. Silly woman. Will she never learn?

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