Brad’s getting down with the trannies!

So, not your colour, girl!

Here’s Brad in a dress he’s never actually worn (it’s called photoshop, dear) but it does illustrate the story of him about to executive produce a new TV drama show thing about a gyno (man) who decides that maybe he’d like one of those nice vaginas for himself.

It’s called 4oz and it’s from the people who brought you…

Nip/Tuck! Oh, yes. Created by Ryan Murphy, who’s going to direct it, with Nip/Tuck writer Brad Falchuk, it’s about this married man with two children who, all of a sudden, decides a little ladyness in his life – and wardrobe (and pants!) – might be a very good thing.

It’s for that F/X channel and did we mention Brad Pitt is behind it?

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  1. I don’t think this is photoshop. I think he actually did a shoot of him in women’s clothes. Prove me wrong!

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