See this?

Eat me.

Did you miss it?

Did you?


Well, choc-munchers, the Wispa… it returneths!

How. Excitement.

What-it-is-is, loads of real-life people (14,000. Count ’em!) signed a petition that was circulated round Facebook/MySpace/et al, and Cadbury’s have bowed to the pressure. Which is very nice of ’em.

So the details are thus: 23 million bars will be reintroduced into the UK market on 7th October. And ’tis thought one solitary Wispa will cost 42 English pence. 


The end.

*goes out and buys a Chunky KitKat; then another; then a finger of Fudge; then some Midget Gems; shop person gives dirty look; ‘Er, paying your wages!’ is muttered under breath; starts bouncing off the walls owing to the E numbers*



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3 comments to “See this?”

  1. But times have moved on. How on Earth can a Wispa compete with a Praline Flake?

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  2. Buying into badly spelt confectionary supports the demise of decent grammar in this country. It’s Whisper, what the F**k is a wispa? I blame Gordon Brown.

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  3. I hate to rain on your parade Dame Judith, but it’s confectionery, not confectionary.

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