The new Dorothy will be ‘much closer to the Ripley from Alien than a helpless singing girl’ in the remake. Oh, sounds rad!

'We're not in a decent movie anymore, Toto!'

If you want a remake of the film that charmed generations, brought hope to millions of dollies through the ages and made Judy Garland into a gay icon why not leave it to the creative genius who brought the world Spawn? Oh, OK.

For it is he, film fans (name: Tod McFarlane, no relation to Jack), who has decided to ‘update’ that tired old classic and give it some ‘2007 wow factor’ including turning Toto into a vicious warthog. Oh, thanks for that.

Here’s what you can expect…

First, it’s going to have what’s been described as a dark edginess, like a pre-teen crashing into a strange land and immediately going on a killing spree isn’t dark enough?

The writer is going to be Josh Olsen, whose previous credits include the charming History of Violence (oh, maybe we’ll get a severe beating or two and Dorothy fucked hard on the stairs!)

But *phew* he reckons the film is a sequel not a remake and says ‘Dorothy as some bondage queen isn’t something I want to do’. Wonder what body parts the motley crew will be missing this time…

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