Is this the next Doctor Who?

Where's me fucking bow 'n' arrow, bitch?

This person is ‘parently v much in the running to become the next Doctor Who. After the current Doctor Who – David Tennant – hangs up his, erm, doctor-y bonnet. Natch.

So his name’s Harry Lloyd, he’s Will Scarlett in Robin Hood at the mo, and has already appeared in Doctor Who as a posh student type. This is him in that:

Oh really?

And he’s the quote, via the mouth of Russell T Davies, cheenius writer behind Dr Who:

‘After his audition I sent a note to the casting director saying, “He’s not just good for Baines (his character in Doctor Who), that’s the next Doctor”. Seriously, he’s so brilliant.’



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2 comments to “Is this the next Doctor Who?”

  1. Yes I would in the first picture, no I wouldn’t in the second

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  2. Way too young to be Dr. Who. Could he be Nurse Who?

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