Kate Moss is poor. S’official.

Say 'Thurrrrrrrrrsday'

In news that is reverberating round the globe like the proverbial reverberating thing, Mossy Kate is poor.


This sad, sad tale of very sorry woe comes via real-life circus performer Natasha Darnell-Smith of Newquay, London’s glittering Cornwall, from whom the K was trying to buy some NOVELTY sunglasses. You know, for the kids.

Ooh, fancy.

Imagine, if you will, the following:

Kate off-of Moss is down by the seaside, kids in tow including miraculously her very own progeny, Lila Grace, and who’d’ve thunk it, but the fucking kids want to go to the fucking circus (what is this, Eastern Europe?) and in a move that would test the patience of Mother fucking Holier Than Thou, they want some fucking flourescent sunglasses. You just can’t make this shit up.

Here’s the supporting quote, from Tash D-S of Newquay, Cornwall, UK:

‘Kate came to buy the fluorescent glasses we sell to the kids.’

So far, so good.

‘I did not realise who it was until she took her hat off.’

Easily done, no hard feelings.

‘She had five to six kids with her and said she could not afford to buy the glasses.’

And the crushing denouement:

‘They are £4 each.’

*Pinter-esque dramatic pause*

Er, Tash love, think it’s about time you invested in a CREDIT CARD MACHINE. Tsk.

S’all true.

But is it a matter for the police?


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3 comments to “Kate Moss is poor. S’official.”

  1. This story saddens me. She must be very poor. I’ll will give her some of my money.

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  2. I blame Thatcher.

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  3. She was a worry, Maggie.

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