Karen Walker does Frankenstein’s girlfriend…

'Please don't touch me'

We told you about this (keep up!): it’s Karen Walker aka Anastasia Beaverhausen aka Megan Mullally playing the girlfriend of Dr. Frankenstein (pron. Fronkensteen) in the musical version of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

Which we thought would probably go the way of the rather lame Producers. But it turns out it’s got Karen Walker in it so will be marvellous. Here she is talking about it and singing in it… and we were right! It looks really good! (Well, the bits with her in it.) After the jump…

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3 comments to “Karen Walker does Frankenstein’s girlfriend…”

  1. Can’t fucking wait to see this. I LOVE her!! Megan Mullally, that is.

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  2. Saw this OPENING NIGHT in Seattle! She’s MARRRRRRRRVLOUS!
    Somebody needs to throw a bucket full of awards at her.

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  3. […] Forget Young Frankenstein in New York (most critics have tried to) – it is to sell your own grandmother to try to get a ticket to the hottest theatrical show in Londinium, War Horse at the National. […]

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