Stinky trainees, be gone!

Mmm, fresh as a daisy

Do you have feet?

Do you sometimes like to put trainers upon them?

Do those trainers sometimes absorb the sweat off your feet, rancify and then stink to high bejesus?

Then we have a smart and sophisticated a way to deal with them. That’s it, right there!

It’s called Jason Markk’s Premium Sneaker Solution Set (fun fact: ‘sneaker’ means ‘trainer’ in Americanese).

It consists of 8oz. of the Sneaker Solution, which is not only more or less biodegradable and natural and everything, but can be used on pretty much any colour without, you know, duffing it up. You’ll get around 50 ‘sneakers’ cleaned out of one bottle. Or 25 pairs.

You also get this nice brush, which they’re calling a Sneaker Cleaning Brush, in a nice ‘paint splatter’ box. The whole lot will set you back $25 (which, if you’re in the UK, is the price of a cup of tea and a crunch biscuit) and you can get it from here.

What a nice present that would make!

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3 comments to “Stinky trainees, be gone!”

  1. Or you could put them on the window sill. Or in the washing machine. Or throw them away. If you go to the Romford Shopping Centre you can actually get trainers for less than $25.

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  2. I bought some trainers from Brick Lane for five english pounds. and nice they are, too.

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  3. Let’s not forget smelly feet/pits/balls are a consequence of bacteria forming and growing. It’s not because you sweat. It’s because you don’t wash off that sweat.

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