Britney’s new single, ‘Baby Boy’

Get off me!


After la jumpette, in lame mash-up vid form… 

ps. S’bollocks. And freakin’ creepy.

pps. *slices head off to make the pain go away*

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4 comments to “Britney’s new single, ‘Baby Boy’”

  1. It’s kind of Christina Aguilera’s Stripped – with crappy vocals. But I think it’s more of a demo, cause the vocals are way to loud for the music.

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  2. Fuck. That’s bad. Really, really, really bad. She should seriously go to bed, and die in her sleep whilst she’s at it.

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  3. All of the above

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  4. […] Right, if you go here, you’ll be able to hear what people are saying is THE official comeback single for trout-slip momma, Britney Spears. It’s called ‘Gimme More’. S’alright. Better than the other rubbish that was going around the other day. Oh yeah, and she still needs a slap. […]

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