Kate Moss smelly launched. Oh, and Gwen Stefani smelly. And another Beckham smelly. And c) and d)

Put 'em away! 

How excitement, olfactory-fans (we learnt that word whilst reading Patrick Suskind’s Perfume. S’true. How else?). Anyways, for those who like to smell things/of things, Kate Moss launched her verily own smelly, ‘Kate’, yesterday. As did the Beckhams – theirs is ‘Beckham Night’. It’s designed to be worn at night. We’ll be the judge of that etc. Oh, and Gwen du Stefani launched hers. That one goes by the name of ‘L’. For ‘LAMB’. You know, her clobber range.

Anyways, some stats. First day’s reports show Kate’s pong outselling the Beckhams’ by two to one (hooray!), but only selling 10% more than Katie Price’s ‘Stunning’, which went on sale last week (boo, or something). Then again, these stats are from Superdrug. Where sales of ‘Charlie’ no doubt exceed everything else.

Now let’s play that game where we decide which other s’leb smellies we’d probably enjoy: 

1) Eau du Kerry Katona – top notes of deep-fried ham ‘n’ cheese triangle; base notes of Findus Crispy Pancakes.

2) Eau du Pete Doherty – top notes of heroin and seven-day old sweat; base notes of syphilis.

3) Eau du Liz Taylor – top notes of piss and loft insulation; base notes of Rich Tea crunch biscuits (NB. We are aware of ‘White Diamonds’, btw. ‘Not so fast!’ etc. Ooh, in fact, see below…)

Etc. and blah.

The end.

Ps. Now for a Liz Taylor ‘White Diamonds’ retro moment. Thankings.

Pps. Kate Moss is under Liz, trying to flog hers. Inneresting….

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3 comments to “Kate Moss smelly launched. Oh, and Gwen Stefani smelly. And another Beckham smelly. And c) and d)”

  1. I, for one, am rushing to the Superdrug to buy Kate’s smelly as we speak….

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  2. Er..can we just ask WHAT is happening to Kate’s boobs in that picture?

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  3. I’m releasing a perfume next week. It’s called, ‘Who’s my Momma? ‘Cause I ain’t got a fucking clue’.
    I’ve been told by Coty that it’ll sell by the shed-load. Can’t wait. It’s lovely.

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