How hot can a chocolate museum be? This hot!

But can you eat it?

This is the Nestle (with an acute accent) Chocolate Museum in Mexico City. Or more specifically, Toluca, near Mexico City.

Designed by Michel Rojkind of Rojking Arquitectos, it’s sort of origami-cum-shipping container-cum-art installation, and as well as museum space there’s a theatre and CRUCIALLY a shop, and it’s slap-bang next to the actual choc-making factory. Which is kind of useful, n’est ce pas. And there are more pics after la jumpette. Not sure about the green carpet, mind.

I'm thinking.... white! Ditch the carpet. Chunky KitKat?

Rojking Arquitectos, on t’interdolly.

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  1. But. Why. Would. You. Want. To. Go. There?

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