New Comme des Garcons smelly. Hooray!

Nwoice, different and unusual.

Not only is the above a thing of beauty, it also smells of a very delicious thing. What-it-is-is, a limited edition Comme smelly for Autumn ’07, containing the Comme des Garcons 2 eau de parfum in a 50ml bottle. But as is the case with many a CdG fragrance, it’s unisex.
*round of applause*

Containing usual suspects like cedarwood and vetiver, as well as unusual slash inspired suspects like ink (we know!), cade oil, new aldehydes (us either) and cumin, the result is the sort that gets you shags.

Oh, and you can only get Bijou – from today, in a exclusive arrangement scenario – in Selfridges. Be that London, Manchester (x2) or Birmingham.

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2 comments to “New Comme des Garcons smelly. Hooray!”

  1. I like this smell. I smelt it yesterday. Lovely in the extremest.

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  2. Covers up the smell of chip fat?

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