Who wants a charity charm bracelet thing with bits by Kate Moss?

A charm bracelet meant for good things.

This is a picture of a ropy old necklace containing trinkety bits produced by the fair hands of famouses. Or something.

Not only has Kate Moss been up all hours working her fingers to the bone on this very lovely charity project, but so too have Christian Louboutin, cross-dressing super-potter Grayson Perry, Scarlett Johansson off the telly and Stephen Webster (us either. What? Oh, he’s a jeweler. Natch.).

So Kate designed the turquoise and silver swallow; Christian the golden shoe with the telltale red sole (also natch); Grayson the medicine pot and Stephen the silver fish skeleton.

S’nice, it’s for Cancer Research UK, and will be available for purchase plural v v soon at Wallis stores across the dolly land. Oh, it’s 25 earth pounds, ten of which goes to the charity.

Wallis on t’interdolly est here.


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  1. if only i’d known they were looking for celebrities to ‘design’… damn

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