A T-shirt for CRAZY people

Do you have an upper body?

Are you a loving type of person?

And/or, do you find yourself a witty personage, with a brain overflowing with bon mots and pithy badinage?

Do you often look at, for example, an ‘I Heart NY’ t-shirt and think if only I could have that t-shirt, with the ‘I Heart…’ bit intact but without the ‘NY’ bit, so I can fill the blank myself in a manner that has more meaning to myself or perhaps someone close to me?

Then you may like this:

What to love...? 

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est?

It’s the ‘I Love Anything’ t-shirt. Hooray! Basically, it’s all terribly self-explanatory and they cometh in lady and gennelman and kid sizes and also in various fits, and you just go to this interdolly place and choose your bon mot to stick withinside the blank bit, pay your cash dollar, et voila! It’s all v reasonable (from around the $19.99/£10 mark for a lady T), and could quite possibly be a v fun/crazy thing, ‘specially if, like, you stick the word ‘cock’ in there or something. Just. Imagine.

Other things you may consider loving include:

– Crunch Biscuits
– A Soya Cappuccino from Pret
– The Duchess of Cornwall
– My Mum
– Bumming



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