Trage story of the day…

Sugar? Trying to cut down, sorry...

The Sugababes are looking for a replacement to replace the replacement for Mutley.


Not only is it a trage, pop-pickers, but also a worry.

The story goes sumfink like the following:

Keisha and Heidi are alleged to have held auditions on Sunday – at London’s glittering Terminal Studios – to replace Amelle Berrabah, with whom they’ve been getting the hump more than just sporadically.

‘Keisha and Heidi are the ultimate professionals when it comes to their career,’ someone who knows someone etc. tells The Sun. ‘They have worked hard for everything they have achieved. Amelle doesn’t seem to take it as seriously. When the girls were recording their latest album, Amelle kept arriving late at the studio. They had blazing rows over timekeeping.’

*checks watch*

‘She was handed a golden ticket and the chance to be in one of the UK’s most successful girl bands. But the girls feel as though she has let them down.’


This space?

*        *

Watch it…

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5 comments to “Trage story of the day…”

  1. That Amelle, she’ll be sorry when she’s working the checkout at Asda…

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  2. if only i knew they were holding auditions… damn.

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  3. Maybe they’ll consider me….

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  4. I find myself at a loose end these days….

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  5. LOL at Nasty Kylie! Heard 3 gays in the G A Y bar describing her as that yesterday! Keep the Kylie Backlash going!

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