This lady…

Halle of Berry.

AKA Halle Berry, has been impregnated by this man…

Modelling modelling modelling... 

AKA Supermodel-ette Gabriel Aubry.


Anways, there’s a wee sprog on t’way, it’s the spawn of the two of ’em, Halle is 41 years of age so expect a whole load of age-related headlines to spread like the proverbial proverbial thing, and c) and d).

This is them together:

A lovely looking pair...

And there’s a gushing quote here.

We’re happy for them, but we’d be happier if his penage was someone nearer our end of the table.

The end.

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4 comments to “This lady…”

  1. What a decent looking pair.

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  2. He’s hotter than her.

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  3. I can’t believe he’s 31. (He is, I checked.) He looks at least late 30s, if not 40. Admittedly, a very hot late 30s/if not 40. But 31? That makes him like, a year older than me. Though the things I do to hydrate my skin…

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