Britney’s weight loss secret!

Suck, bitch, SUCK!

Britney off-of skank has revealed via revelatory methods just how she has lost slash is losing the dirty lumpenness that has afflicted her since conception.

She’s suckin’ Hoodia lollipops. See above.

This is what Hoodia lollipops plural look like:


Much like a Chupa Chup. Only these Hoodia things suppress one’s appetite and give one more energy. Hence their usefulness in the dropping dress sizes department. You can get ’em here, if you’re inspired.

Which brings us neatly to the case in hand… why does she still look like this?

A hot look.

The end.

These people told us about this. Ta.



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2 comments to “Britney’s weight loss secret!”

  1. Oh, I thought it was crystal meth that was keeping her in such great shape!

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  2. Silly bitch. I hope she chokes on her lollies.

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