Harry Potter to get it out in New York, too. Hooray!

Daniel Radcliffe off-of Harry Potter has revealed he’s signed up to star in the New York production of Equus. Which means he’ll be doing this…

Off off off off off!

…over there. Hello.

Peter Schaffer’s play is set to transfer to London’s glittering Broadway towards the end of 2008, with Radcliffe’s cheeeenius co-star Richard Griffiths also tagging along.

‘In all probability, if everything goes according to plan, it would definitely be me and Richard Griffiths,’ says the D. ‘And however many other cast members the unions will allow.’


Now for more non-gratuitous nudity, relating to the above:

Hello. Coming along nicely...

And here’s the full-frontal, probably photoshopped-but-who-cares versh of the above.

Ta-ta for now.

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3 comments to “Harry Potter to get it out in New York, too. Hooray!”

  1. Funny dimples in his back bottom.

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  2. This is good news. Can’t wait. I’ll be there with my binoculars…

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  3. I need to vomit. Elves should not be allowed to take off their clothes.

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