Will Apple officially stop updating their freaking iPod now? Please!

Ooh, innit teeny!

Just when you thought you were totally in love with your iPod and never needed anything new in the audio/video line, up comes Apple with a whole new, even tinier version and all of a sudden that freaking iPod of yours seems so enormous it might as well be a 70s fridge/freezer.

Measure your own human hand against this one on screen…

That’s how big (or small it is)! We know! It’s like a stick of Wrigley’s Chewing Gum. You could pop it in your mouth and not know. Next time you take communion, the priest could be popping an iPod on your tongue for all you know.

This is – we underline – the Nano version (fun fact: Nano means ‘dwarf’ in some languages) and it comes in at a miniscule £99 (or £129 if you want 8gb) from prolly next weekend or the likes.

And yes you can play video on it but, be warned, the selection of video they have to download at the iTunes store is lamentable. What you need to do (and don’t say we said) is download a thing called HandBrake (if you’ve got PC) or Mac the Ripper (for Macs) and then you can get your legally paid-for DVDs onto your computer, then onto your iPod and – hey bingo! – you’re watching Will & Grace on the bus on the way to work.

Check out the whole range of new iPods (including a ‘Classic’ that now takes 40,000 songs – like anyone’s got 40,000 songs) round about here.


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3 comments to “Will Apple officially stop updating their freaking iPod now? Please!”

  1. Want one want one want one want one. Seventy three, in fact. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

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  2. is this nano technology gone mad? Or are we all just getting fatter? Hmmmm…..

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  3. So true. Sad thing is, there’ people who feel the need to constantly update their iPods, despite the current one working perfectly well. THESE PEOPLE HAVE EMPTY LIVES.

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