Sean Penn goes gay. We’ll be the judge of that, etc.


Sean Penn off-of (latterly) Madonna is to go gay in a biopic of ’70s politician Harvey Milk. The one that was murder-death-killed by Dan White. Speaking of whom, Matt Damon’s playing Dan White. Gus Van Sant’s directing.

For those who don’t know (including most people we’ve mentioned this to), Harvey Milk was a famous gayer rights fellow in San Fran who was shot by Dan in 1978. The same Dan also shot the mayor, George Moscone, whilst he was at it. Multi-tasking, etc. This was in 1978. White only served five years of the rather lame seven-year sentence, before committing suicide in 1985. Production is set to begin in December.

And that’s a true story.

More bumf on the above, here.


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  1. Ooh, this will be really good. There was a very good documentary called The Mayor of Castro Street…. oh, am I sounding really boring here?

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