Fag Hag Diary


And FH’s in celebratory mood…


Last night was a time for celebrating in Fag Hag Towers… and all because the lady loved seeing Jimima Davidson finally getting his marching orders from Hell’s Kitchener.

Poor old Jimima, we can’t even muster up the energy to hate you – it’s about as pointless as hating a mad old tramp in the street who’s pointing at people’s iPods and shouting how they’re the work of Satan.

Oh Jimima, what on earth were you thunkin leaving Planet Bigotria to invade our shores? You were happy still watching your Betamax copies of The Black and White Minstrel show, Love Thy Neighbour and Are You Being Served? on your little black and white telly whilst eating Smash instant potato, whilst we were happy tucking into our Sushi.

And now you’ve wandered into our world and it all seems a bit scary and new and sophisticated – you’re like that Pretty Woman prossie trying to eat oysters and making a show of yourself and the whole table.

Enjoy your journey back to Bigotria, Jimima – or Dubai, as I believe it’s called by some…

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  1. It is strange how that kind of comedy refuses to die. It’s not like it’s even progressed … same old, same old … odd.

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