David and Robbie ain’t going gay. :-(

Go on, dares ye...

Davida Beckham and Robbie Williams aren’t going ‘mo on the upcoming series of Desperate Housetrouts, according to Eva Longoria. You know, the one who plays Gabrielle ‘Model? We’ll be the judge of that!’ Solis in t’show.

Apparently – and now this is REALLY funny – Eva went up to VicsRub Beckham on the set of the show, you know, whilst she was filming her much-anticipated cameo, and asked her OUTRIGHT. No really, without any hesitation or anything. Who’d’ve thunk it.

‘I talked to Victoria the other day,’ says Eva. ‘I told her about that rumour, she was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. No, they are not coming on the show.’

But is it a matter for the police?

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