Haven’t we seen this shot somewhere before?

Backcomb the bitch

While we are totally j’adoring the new incarnation of Celine with her new single ‘Taking Chances’ written by a certain Eurythmic called Dave Stewart (well, Cel’s favourite album of all time is Diva by that other Eurythmic person), we are perty sure we have seen something very similar to this pose somewhere before… Jump the jump to see where and hear more about that Celine album, which we have actually heard, pop pickers…

Sort that flat hair out, woman

Here’s what we think that cover pic is slightly reminiscent of: ‘Riah’s ‘Fantasy’ cover (mind you, whether those are all her own legs or not… and Celine’s hair is waaaay more drama!)

As for the album, all we’re allowed to say is it’s cheenius, very contemporary and surprising (well, it is called Taking Chances) with rocky and r’n’b flavours, a soft-rock cover and very James Brown-esque number that’s going to blow right up.

Who knew we’d ever get this excited about Sealion?

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4 comments to “Haven’t we seen this shot somewhere before?”

  1. Next that Nasty Little Cunt Kylie will be copying me…

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  2. I’m strangely excited about this upcoming Sealion onslaught…

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    In times past i would have bottled the bitch……

    but now….. i love her……

    better than Kylie….

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  4. Haven’t we seen this comparison on a tonne of other websites before? (Clue: YES. Every-fucking-where)

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