Is this the new Sex and the City? Could be!

PS it's faaaabulous!

It’s called Lipstick Jungle, it’s NBC’s big new show for the fall (that means Autumn, English speakers) and it’s written by Candace Bushnell, of SATC fame. Oh, and they’re calling it a ‘dramedy’. Oh dear…

Starring Brooke Shields as a movie exec and some other people with nice hair as a fashion designer and a magazine editor, it completely breaks away from SATC in that there are three of them instead of Sex’s four.

It’s not overseen by Darren Star – he of SATC – but it does totally namecheck the show by using the tag ‘They’re not looking for Mr. Big. They ARE Mr. Big’, what with them being powerful female execs juggling kids and a high-powered career and all.

But snidery aside, it does actually look quite good and we do j’adore a bit of Brooke. Have a nosey here, see the trailer, hear them talk about their characters and what have you. But still no date on a UK showing.


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  1. Frankly, Brooke Shields ain’t no Sarah Jessica Parker and it all looks a little scrubbed for my liking. The whole point of SATC was that it was shocking. This looks cheesy.

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