We would like one of these. Several, in fact.


‘These’ would be the new flats ‘n’ things from the Morgans group – you know, the people behind some of our favouritist hotels including The Royalton (NY), the Delano (Miami), the Mondrian (LA) and St Martin’s Lane (London) – in Miami’s South Beach.

What it is, right, is a new concept in hotels slash living, mostly involving the nice things we like about staying in delicious hotels, combined with, well the fact that you can actually make the place your home if you so desire. Or, as the official bumf puts it, ‘it will combine the most exhilarating design elements of a fantasy modern getaway with all the comforts and conveniences of home’. Jolly good.

So the residences can be bought or rented, according to whim, and here are more pictures of what you’ll get for your money ($400,000 – $1.5million, btw, if you are buying. Bargainous.)…

Fancy. Such lovely styling. Can't quite work out what this is supposed to be.... Mirror, mirror, on t'wall, etc.

So it looks v nice, and they’ll be done come early next year. If you fancy buying one, go here. Oh go on then…

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  1. Not sure. Sorta look a bit tacky to me. Much in the same way as I find The Mondrian totally naff and full of Puff Daddy wannabes… And hookers.

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