Legendarily fine dressers Take That become the face(s) of M&S!

...and party!

Fashion-wise, they’ve always pushed the envelope whether it’s the chaps and rubber jockstraps they started out in (back when they were being touted round the gay clubs) or the chunky knits of later times. Now Take That’s almost innate sense of fashion has bagged them the gig as spokescharacters for the mighty Marks & Sparks…

While the Marks & Spencer women’s range has been fronted up by lovelies such as Twiggy, Erin O’Connor and, erm, Myleene (no) Klass, the men’s Autograph range has so far been represented by Bryan Ferry, who was dropped like a hot potato after some remarks about how Hitler had the right idea or some such nonsense, and the nice but almost completely unknown Dan from The Feeling (see, we can’t even remember his surname. Something double-barrelled was it?)

Although the Take That tie-in hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, someone very high up said they were delighted and this was a great thing for everyone involved and would probably change the course of Western civilisation itself. Or maybe they didn’t. But would have if anyone had wanted them to.

And they all lived happily (and rather more luxuriously) ever after.


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3 comments to “Legendarily fine dressers Take That become the face(s) of M&S!”

  1. Oh for goodness sakes.

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  2. I like M&S food. Especially Percy Pigs.

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  3. Leave them be. They’re alright. And they look quite nice these days.

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