Free publication in actually really good shocker!

Not short, except on lists

You get what you pay for in this life, is something you may have heard a mother-type person say. Which is why most of the free publications you get thrust inside a hand that is already holding a supertall mochaccino, an iPod, an umbrella, the latest brightly-coloured chick-lit bonkbuster and a man-tote, are… let’s just say ‘not up to scratch’ and leave it there.

The same story about Britney/Amy/Lindsay being ‘troubled’, some pictures of some people coming out of somewhere and a recipe does not an interesting publication make. Enter ShortList, a freebie magazine for men that has actually got, you know, something in it… In this first issue there’s a piece on how to shape up so you look hot in blue trunks like Daniel Craig; a selection of pea-coats, which is handy as it’s time to buy a winter coat; a topless picture of Ronaldo; a whole double page spread of lists (you know how much men like a list!) and lots of other stuff that actually took a whole Tube journey to get through. And no Britney trying to get a pushchair into a sports car.

It’s free, available on the streets of London and we predict great things. Welcome to our world.

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2 comments to “Free publication in actually really good shocker!”

  1. Yes, I picked this up on my way to work this morning. V impressed. Hurrah for great free things!

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  2. I read it today. It’s just watered down Loaded and FHM without the tits and articles on ‘these are some footbals wot are available to buy in the shops’. Life changing.

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