It’s the Stonewall Awards noms, ladies ‘n’ gennelmen… exclamation mark

Oh go on then.

And they’re in. The Stonewall Awards nominations, that is. Natch. Things you should know in relation to this include:

– Two of the noms are real life friends of our very dolly selves. These would be Lucio of Lucio’s Drivetime Show on t’Capital Radio fame, and Paul Burston of writing books fame. Hooray!

– The great and the good of gayery will mostly be getting pissed and showing off on 1st November at the V&A in London’s glittering South Ken.

– John ‘we would. His cock’s massive’ Barrowman will be presenting.

– And c) and d).

See all them there noms after la jumpsicle…

Entertainer of the Year:

– Antony Cotton, Corrie
– Sue ‘Perky’ Perkins
– Rufus Wainwright
– Mz Fontaine
– Dan Gillespie-Sells off-of The Feeling

Broadcast or Broadcaster of the Year:

– Doctor Who
– Hollyoaks
– Housewife 49
– Lucio’s Drivetime show, Capital Radio
– Gaydar Radio

Politician of the Year:

– Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health
– Peter Hain, Secretary for Work and Pensions
– Angela Eagel, Treasury Minister
– Eleanor Laing, former Tory equality spokesperson
– Lord Alli
– MSP Iain Smith

Sportsperson of the Year:

– Graeme Le Saux
– Jo Chastney (snowboarder, ‘parently)
– Nigel Owens (referee, ditto)
– The London Lesbian Kickabouts plural
– The bid team for the London 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Football World Championships

Writer of the Year:

– Paul Burston
– Russell T Davies
– Val McDermid
– Charlotte Mendelson
– Louise Welsh

Journalist of the Year:

– Mariella ‘Why?’ Frostrup
– Philip Hensher, The Independent
– Tim Teeman, The Times
– Zoe Williams, The Guardian
– Tony Grew,

Hero of the Year:

– John Amaechi; gay basketball star
– Sgt Julie Barnes-Frank; founded Greater Manchester Police Lesbian and Gay Staff Affiliation
– Beth Ditto, off-of The Gossip
– Antony Grey; equality campaigner
– Lisa Power; human rights campaigner

Bigot of the Year (booooooo, hisssss, etc.)

– Archbishop of Birmingham; religious cunty homophobe
– Jeremy Clarkson; televisual cunty homophobe
– Bishop of Hereford; religious cunty homophobe
– Patricia McKeever; ditto
– Ian Paisley Jnr; political cunty homophobe




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  1. Sportsperson of the Year: Graeme Le Saux … HE’S BEEN RETIRED FOR TWO SEASONS! Not only that, he’s not actually gay … he just got called gay. Desperate, or what? As for Mariella Frostrup, are they trying to make her think about her dissing of the gays when she wrote that they shouldn’t raise children? Or are they serious? What a load of tokenistic old shite.

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