News of a filmic slash royal nature. Oooh.

Gingers for Justice.

So anyways, news hath reached these dolly shores that not only is the Duchess of York – formerly off-of Royal, currently off-of Weight Watchers – is exec producing a filmic device all about her *flicks through history book, probably by Simon Schama* erm, great-great-great grandmother-in-law. Or something. Grandmother with lots of ‘great’ prefixes, anyroad. That would be Queen Victoria. A woman who was afraid of colour. Let’s look at the evidence…

Hello ma'am.

Anyways #2; so not only is the lumpen Fergie-not-the-singer producing the film – The Young Victoria – but…

*insert drum roll*

…Princess Beatrice is also going to be in it. Yey! But in a non-speaking role. Boo.

As is Rupert Friend, off-of bopping Keira Knightley. He’ll be playing Prince Albert.

S’all true.

ps. Emily Blunt’s playing the Big V.

pps. Hooray.

ppps. In honour of Emily’s being bopped by Michael Bubbles, let’s listen to/watch something by Michael Bubbles. Oh okay.

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3 comments to “News of a filmic slash royal nature. Oooh.”

  1. Another royal epic. hurrah!

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  2. that is not queen victoria, that is a bin bag with a nose.

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  3. What? Does any of that above blog make any sense. Sounds like someone from Mumbawumba land on an acid trip trying to talk about physics!!

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