Fag Hag Diary

Fashion, darling. 


And FH does Bungalow 8 (London edition) with the fashion set….

The Fag Hag got invited to a swell party last week in London’s glittering London. The party was to celebrate the recent issue of Wallpaper* magazine which had gone and roped in three rather fabulous guest editors.

Bully’s first prize was Braun design guru Dieter Rams (I resisted asking, ‘Do you make dem pink hair straighteners then?’). Bully’s second prize was fabulously kitsch artist Jeff Koons. And Bully’s special prize was the tailor du nos jours – the man who makes lovely suits (and not in a Greek Cypriot in Green Lanes ‘me take trouser up 2 inches yes?’ way) Hedi Slimane.

The party was held at swanky new discotheque, Bungalow 8, the sort of place which yells ‘Security!’ if anyone is discovered a) eating b) wearing man-made fibres c) over a British size 2.

Somehow the Fag Hag managed to flout all three dealbreakers and still evade eviction and what a delightful time she had rubbing shoulders with Sir Richard of James, David ‘architect and friend of Madonna’s’ Collins and Lily of Cole. All I need now is one of those darling diamond studded gastric bags and I’ll really be fashion…

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Do we think after the initial excitement, Bungalow 8 will just become another Chinawhites? I never want to go to it when I’m in London’s glittering New York – why would I want to go to it here?

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  2. In the name of art, did you ask Jeff to show you his cock? I’ve wanted to fuck him for eons.

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