Look at Aragorn’s arse!

He's behind you

Promise us one thing. If anyone ever suggests having a business meeting in a sauna, just say no.

They may say that it’s because they need to be sure you’re not ‘carrying’, but it’s either a). an excuse to peep up your towel or b). because, as in the case of Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg’s simply cheeeenius new movie Eastern Promises, they want to set some murderous thugs on you…

In this clip, you see the lovely Viggo set upon in the most bloody and vicious way by knife-wielding nasties. On the upside, if you’re quick on your button, you get to see underneath business… After the jump. 

Warning: we’re not joking about how violent it is. F’real.

Oh, and we found the clip here, so thank you etc.

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4 comments to “Look at Aragorn’s arse!”

  1. I think his arse looks surprisingly on the scrawny side.

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  2. I saw a preview of this movie (I know! Get me!) and I must say this scene is waaaay hotter (in a very twisted way) than it seems here. It’s not so dark for a start. The rest of the film is brilliant. Not sure if it’s as good as History of Violence but it’s way ahead of those silly early ones about man-eating worms.

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  3. J’adore Viggo. I hate to see him get hurt like this.

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  4. […] Actors are James McAvoy in – yay! – Atonement, Viggo Mortensen – yay! – in Eastern Promises, (mostly for the bit where he rolls around naked in a sauna), Daniel Day Lewis, George Clooney and Denzel Washington for various fairly boring films. […]

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