Now Armani’s at it…

But do we want it?

The above is Giorgio Armani’s go at making a delicious mobile phone. It’s okay, and admittedly much nicer than that gawdy gold thing that Dolce & Gabbana did but prolly not as nice as the Prada one. Somewhere in between, you might say.

Anyways, if you do like it, you may be innerested in the following related facts:

– It’s launched in major European countries this November, with other countries getting hold of it in 2008.

– They’ll be sold in select phone stores, and Armani boutiques. Natch.

– Giorgio said the following on the matter: ‘We make as much of a personal statement with the mobile phones that we carry or the televisions we have in our living rooms as we do with the shoes and bags we wear or the furnishings we choose.’ S’true.

– It’s a collabo’ with Samsung.

– It is a teeny tiny thing.

– It’ll set you back 650 Euros/$915/£450, or thereabouts. Bargainous.

– And c) and d)

Armani est here on the interdolly.

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2 comments to “Now Armani’s at it…”

  1. Funny how these things all look totally irrelevant now there’s an iPhone out there. It just looks like window dressing to me.

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  2. I would do Mr. Armani. Yes, even at his age.

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