Stick ’em up!

Lovely walls. Instantly!

Does the home you live in have walls?

Do those walls look a bit plain and bleurgh?

Can you not afford/be arsed to get a bunch of Polishes in to sort it out for you?

If the answer to these is ‘yes, ma’am’, then you might like these…

They are called Sticky Ups and they are like stickers only bigger.

Imagine something Blue Peter might get you to do if it was aimed at urban gays and fabulous girls in their bachelorette apartments (only they’d say buy a roll of sticky back plastic and take some nail scissors to it…)

They come in a range of quite modern and desirable designs and you could have them on your very own walls if only you listened to us for once in your goddamn life, and went here.

Then your front room might look a bit more like this…

Hmmm, noice, unusual
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  1. Interesting……

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  2. This. Is. Fucking. Pikey. It’s like when stencilling became ‘fashionable’ (and I use that term lightly). How quickly did I get fed up of going around a Scottish man’s house and have him explain ‘I’m Scottish, hence the thistle stencils around my living room walls … do you like ’em?’ …. *cue sound of front door opening, closing, and Consuela running up the street*.

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