It’s the return of Wonder Woman, ladies ‘n’ gennelmens….!

Nice tits.

Yey x a very dolly lot!

Breathe. So anyways, we sorta knew Wonder Woman was on her way back, and now we know in what way shape and form. For that rumour mill hath told us that Jessica Biel is going to be playing la Wonders in forthcoming film Justice League of America.

‘Justice League of America’? Eugh.

Justice League of America is basically an orgy of superheroes in moving picture format, including Batman, la Wonders, Superman, Aquaman and the Flash, and will be directed by Mad Max director George Miller.

It’s an exciting time for all, pop-pickers.

Now let’s watch Lynda Carter doing Wonder Woman way back when. Oooooh… 

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  1. How gay.

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