EXCLUSIVE: LeAnn Rimes – We popped your questions, she answered ’em. Excitement.

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Not only is LeAnn Rimes one of the biggest selling lady singing people like, EV-errrr, but she’s also super nice and super fun and super not-fucked-up like others we could mention. And she chit-chats to us about Elton John, dancing on bars, and those gay rumours about her husband. Oh, and she’s got new stuff out. What? The woman’s gotta earn a living…!

What would your death row meal be? Lillian McBeef
Let’s see… I would probably have a big fettuccine Alfredo which I never have ’cause it’s so bad for me. It’s so fattening. Oh, and there’s this bakery in New York called Magnolia and they make the best cupcakes. So fettuccine and a cupcake.

What’s on your bedside table? Northern Bastard
A scented candle and usually water. I’m one of those people who wakes up in the night and needs water. And a picture of my husband.

If you weren’t a singer, what would you be? Laura T
I guess I’m a creative person and I’ve always been interested in interior design, so I guess I’d be a designer.

You’ve done loads of duets, but who else would you really love to duet with? Pipkin
I’m a huge Ray Lamontagne fan and I love his voice so much. John Mayer would be another person. Oh, and Andrea Bocelli. I’d love to do opera, and a duet with Andrea would be amazing.

Who you listening to on your iPod at the moment?
Right now, mostly the Foo Fighters, The Pretenders, and the Kanye West single. And David Gray’s last album. I’m also a huge fan of Tracy Chapman.

Is it true that your song ‘Blue’ was originally written for Patsy Cline? Jenny
Yes, it was. It was written for her by a guy called Bill Mack who was a legendary radio DJ in the States. He wrote that for her many, many years ago and she was going to record it but she died in that plane crash before she got to. He held it forever, then heard me sing and eventually pitched it to me.

You were a star at 13 – do you ever look back and think it could have gone all car-crash like Britney and Lindsay and co.? Johnny
Oh my God, yes! I lived in LA for quite a few years, after all, and there were a lot of temptations. But I always did my partying in the privacy of my own home. I also wanted to prove you can be a child star and actually grow up and not go down the wrong path.

You’re one of only a handful of Country stars who seem to have broken into the mainstream – why do you think that is? Lindypops
I think a couple of reasons. Number one it was just circumstance and being in the right place at the right time. ‘How Do I Live’ was my first big crossover hit and it was lucky because another country artist had the song also and country radio was playing her song. I was 15 at the time, and I thought my career was over but my record label just decided to take it and see if it worked and it did. Then there were the opportunities like Coyote Ugly. I guess I’ve never been afraid to try different things.

Can you still dance on a bar? Mungous
Anytime, absolutely. A couple of drinks help!

There are a lot of rumours your husband is gay. Is he? I hope so as he’s kinda hot. Can you introduce us? Tom Cruise
Oh God, every man wants my husband to be gay! (laughs) I don’t blame them but I can promise you that he is absolutely not. Yeah, there have been rumours going around about that for so long. I think it’s because he comes from the dance world, and he’s hot. So thank you, I’m glad you think he’s hot! It’s flattering to him, too. He doesn’t care, he’s completely content with who he is. He’s a great dresser, he has loads of style, and he has a great body. And I’ve got him! (laughs)

Are you still mates with Elton John? David Furnish
Yeah. I love Elton so much, he’s such a wonderful man. He’s so nurturing – he looks out for young and talented people ’cause he wants to see them grow. He’s great, a very sweet man.



LeAnn’s latest album, Family, is out on 8th October. Her single, ‘Nothing Better To Do’ is out, er, now we think!

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  1. Oh, she’s loverly. I once broke a lamp punching the air while performing How Do I Live live in my befroom mirror.

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  2. Melikes LeAnn. She seems like a fun sort of person.

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