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After such fabulous book-to-screen-to-stage musicals as Lord of the Rings, Woman in White and Mary Poppins, comes the biggest of them all: Gone With the Wind, a fun romp about the American Civil War complete with slaves and everything!

It comes to you courtesy of the very famous Trevor Nunn, who’s done a whole load of stuff with and without the Royal Shakespeare Company, and some people we’ve frankly never heard of who are apparently very high up in theatre.

As for performers…

so far, no announcement.

Maybe there’ll be a big Search For A Scarlet show on telly to echo the search for the original movie Scarlet. But let’s hope not. Not while they could probably still get Tiffany off of EastEnders. Oh, but then Trevor Nunn has already had that particular experience with My Fair Lady…

It all kicks off at the New London theatre in April next year, but if you want to bag those tickets while Jennifer Ellison is still in it, tickets can be purchased for ready money (starting at in excess of £27) by dialling the following number: 0870 890 0141.

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