Some lovely, erm, chairs (it’s an Ab Fab quote!)

Mmm, comfy

Do you have a patio or comparable outdoor space?

Do you find it difficult to source (like that word?) furniture that doesn’t look like you nicked it from outside the pub in Shameless?

Do you like stuff that looks a bit spidery and weird?

Well, a new shop has opened in the very centre of London’s glittering West End (near Centrepoint, that’s how ‘centre’ it is) and it sells not only the dayglo patio furniture aforementioned but also sofas that go round corners.

Lookee here…

We don't know which way to face!

It all comes from a shop called Moroso, which opened just this week, and which has a genius cascading bunch of them green chairs. With furniture by all the right designers (including Tom Dixon, who we think was behind the sofa above – and not in a ‘Dr. Who’s on the telly’ kind of way), it finds itself just round from Centrepoint, almost opposite First Out gay coffee shop.

Oh, and there’s some nice shizz in there.

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