Would you like to look like this?

The hair? No, it's my natural colour

No, of course you wouldn’t. Who in their right mind would?

For those not in their right mind, the hour is near when you will be able to buy schmutter dreamed up by this person, who goes by the name of Andre 3000.

For it is he, ladies and gennelman, who is currently working on a range of clobber that will be based on ‘vintage classics with modern twists.’ We’ll be the judge of that.

From the house of Outkast there will be a line of denim (ooh, mold-breaking!) made from Japanese selvage (we don’t know what that is but it’s forcing us to want it).

Not sure when it’s coming out but should you see people all of a sudden walking around looking like numpties, then that’ll be a clue…

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